5 Tips to change your life today

Author: Emma Gilbert

If you, like most of us, experience stress and anxiety on a daily basis or simply want to give your health and daily life a boost, try these 5 simple changes that are all FREE to do! Yes they are simple but not actually easy to implement :

  1. Drink more – yes! You already know this but you’re probably not taking action on it. If 80% of your body is water and you aren’t drinking consistently throughout the day, your body and brain simply cannot function as they were designed. Calculate how much you should drink by converting your weight into pounds and dividing it by 2. e.g. if you weighed 100 pounds you would drink at least 50 fluid ounces of water per day.
  2. Count your blessings – looking for 3 things to be grateful for every morning or evening will switch your brain onto looking for more things to be grateful for. Just like if you are thinking of buying a particular type of car and suddenly start noticing them everywhere – your brain will start noticing things to be grateful for. This is a powerful way of combating anxiety and staying happy, especially when you take time to write them down or tell them to someone else. Noticing in your own head is OK too.
  3. Move your body at least 30min every day – motion of the spine is what keeps your brain switched on. That’s why we adjust your spine as Chiropractors. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do or where you do it, only that you make moving a priority every day.
  4. Cut something out that doesn’t serve you for 30 days – this can be anything from scrolling social media, watching tv, drinking alcohol or eating chocolate. Stopping just one thing for 30 days will help you realise that you can live without it and prove to yourself that you are capable of making small effective changes in your life. Then you can focus on something bigger or harder, keep this one simple to start.
  5. Add something good for 30 days – again something simple that if you can switch with your “bad” is even easier! E.g. if you mindlessly watch tv from 8-9pm every night, swap that with reading a book or writing a journal or sitting in the garden now the evenings are lighter. Eat a piece of fruit every day, call a friend every day. Something that will add up to help you feel healthier, calmer and more pro-active.

We invite you to take this on board not with “here’s another thing I have to do” but with curiosity to see how much you can impact your own life with small changes when you commit to making them happen.

If 5 is too much for you right now, just choose 1. Good luck!