What’s your body saying?

Do you sometimes feel as though your body is punishing you, or letting you down? You are ticking along the road of life quite nicely, doing what you’ve always done and managing how you’ve always managed. You’re OK, until something comes out of the blue and knocks you sideways. It could be a nasty cold, […]

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Stop something this January

We often put so much pressure on ourselves to start something new but often a very powerful thing is to stop overloading ourselves with unrealistic expectations and make changes that are sustainable. Rather than start something new this January, have you thought about STOPPING something? Sometimes simply the act of stopping an unhelpful habit can […]

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Charity sleeping bag appeal for Christmas

Sleeping bag collection for Emmanuel House

This December we are aiming to collect as many unused sleeping bags as possible to provide the homeless in Nottingham with a warm bed on Christmas night. You can drop into clinic during our opening hours of Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8am-7pm to drop off a bag or make a donation. Alternatively, you can donate money […]

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How posture affects your brain, mood, mobility and function at ANY age

Over the last few decades, both young and old have noticeably and tragically resided themselves to a sedentary lifestyle that increases poor posture. Before we even reach “old age” we have already given into gravity with many of us developing a hunched back. As many of us we sit all day at computers, lean over […]

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