Sports Chiropractic

What is Sports Chiropractic?

Radcliffe Chiropractic Clinic is proud to keep the people of Nottingham moving, from professional sports persons to active adults and young athletes. Both of our Chiropractors, Katie Scorer and Naomi Mills have lots of experience working with sports persons. Katie has a particular interest in Sports Chiropractic and is the Chiropractor for professional Championship level rugby union team, Nottingham Rugby. She has also worked with some of the world’s top powerlifters in her role as Bournemouth Barbell’s medical aid and sees a variety of patients in clinic on an individual basis, from runners to wheelchair basketball players. Whilst studying for her Masters degree, she was selected to work with Bournemouth University’s performance athletes and is currently training to be an Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner (ICCSP) which will qualify her to treat athletes of the highest caliber, and at an international level and is also qualified in pitch side first aid.

Sports Chiropractic enables athletes to be at their best, and gain an edge on the competition. It increases athletic performance naturally, without the use of drugs. At Radcliffe Chiropractic, we use a combination of spinal and extremity joint adjustments, kinesio taping, acupuncture, soft tissue work and rehabilitation and exercise plans to stimulate the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and brain to be in top working order. In the long-term, it improves nervous system function, increases range of motion, reduces muscle tension and pain. Want to find out more about the chiropractic adjustment?

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Why should I visit a Sports Chiropractor?

We have great experience with an extremely wide variety of sports including equestrian sports, rugby, golf, running, football, tennis, hockey, dancing, cycling, skiing, swimming, climbing, squash, basketball, netball, cricket, cheerleading, ice skating, mountain biking, tai chi, karate, taekwondo and hikers and even aerobatics! Even if we haven’t come across your sport before, our training and experience means we can create a unique treatment plan to help you get better, faster.

Recent Injuries

Instead of taking painkilling drugs to mask the pain, we can diagnose and treat the real cause of your recent injury to get you back to performing as quickly as possible and at your best. Pain is a warning sign and should not be ignored as it could turn into a long-term, or chronic injury which can stop your sporting efforts in their tracks for good. On top of back and neck pain, we see a whole range of injuries including tendon injuries, muscle strains and joint sprains.

Long-term injuries

Here at the Radcliffe Chiropractic Clinic, we identify what is causing your long-term injuries and holding you back from reaching your potential. Everyone is different, it may be the result of poor warm up and stretching techniques, years of poor posture, the wrong technique or a previously undetected spine or joint problem as slight problems in your back can manifest itself as problems in other places in the body.

Preventing Sports Related Injuries

We can also help you prevent re-injury of a past problem or stop future injuries from happening.

Sports Chiropractor or physiotherapist?

There is a lot of overlap nowadays between Chiropractic and Physiotherapy. Both chiropractors and physiotherapists treat joints and musculo-skeletal problems to increase movement and strength, decrease pain and help return you to full function. Both disciplines will also give exercises and advice to help manage injuries and medical conditions.

The main difference between the two disciplines is that a chiropractor traditionally uses an adjustment or manipulation, where a physiotherapist will more commonly use slower mobilisation techniques. Find out more about the Chiropractic adjustment (link to chiro page).

Stand alone or alongside a physiotherapist?

Many top sports teams and athletes now use Chiropractic as part of their medical care, alongside physiotherapists and Sports Medicine Doctors. In the United States, every NFL American Football team has an official team Chiropractor as well as the majority of top Major League Baseball teams. Chiropractors are now also included as part of the Olympic Polyclinic helping the athletes reach peak performance.

If you’re more of a weekend warrior than an elite athlete, our Chiropractors at Radcliffe Chiropractic Clinic have a lot of knowledge and experience not only in spinal adjustments, but also in soft tissue work, rehabilitation which is commonly associated with physiotherapy. This unique combination provides the best outcomes for resolving both acute injuries and the chronic pain that plagues your activity. Not many physiotherapist or chiropractors put the two approaches together in the same way we do, and it works!

Our chiropractor

Naomi Mills, Chiropractor

Naomi Mills

Doctor of Chiropractic
MChiro, MSc APP (paediatric musculoskeletal health)

I came into chiropractic after receiving treatment as a child and since I love meeting new people and lots of variety, becoming a chiropractor myself seemed the perfect career choice. I have an extremely rewarding job and spend a lot of my time helping women remain comfortable and active during pregnancy and then help their […]

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Jack Gilbert, Chiropractor

Jack Gilbert


My first exposure to chiropractic was in my late teens. At the time I was sports mad and playing a lot of basketball. After being exposed to far too much pain medication and even a steroid injection through the NHS, I was recommended to see a chiropractor. I was immediately impressed with the whole body […]

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What our patients say

Andrew, chiropractic testimonial


All my visits to Radcliffe Chiropractic Clinic have been a pleasure, due to the helpfulness and friendliness of the staff, and I can certainly recommend Naomi as someone who will give you the utmost care and attention, and will do all she can to improve your health.

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Jesse, chiropractic testimonial


I was surprised about how quickly the treatment worked. The greatest benefit is that my baby is no longer in pain because at first I didn't know that was the problem which is upsetting to think.

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Peter, chiropractic testimonial


The greatest benefit I've found was learning to use my body correctly. I've become much more aware of my posture and movements since my injury and I can see how the problem came to develop in the first place.

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Adam, chiropractic testimonial


Ever since seeing Naomi and Katie my back has never felt stronger and I can still carry on playing the sports I love and enjoy activities with my family.

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