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Muscle Therapy

A patient receiving massage therapy on her back.

Our Muscle Therapist Laura Simmons, works to create you a programme of stretches, exercises and targeted massage to give you the tools you need to take care of your spine at home.

You’ll learn specific exercises designed to strengthen all three elements of your posture: Balance, Alignment and Motion. A subtle change in posture spreads to all your daily habits and supports your Chiropractic care to help your hold adjustments for longer.

Posture is one of the key reasons your spine gets restricted and limits your health in 2 main ways. Firstly, hunched posture is linked to reduced brain function and increased depression. Secondly, poor posture acts against your body’s natural healing mechanisms and could result in your spine wearing out faster (developing osteo-arthritis).

You don't have to be a Chiropractic patient to benefit from Laura's expertise and you can also book onto one of her classes to help improve a specific problem.Click here to find out more about Muscle Therapy.

Laura also runs balance classes focused on improving balance and co-ordination which you can book here.

Muscle Therapist Laura Simmons.

Laura Simmons

Bsc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science
Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist

Having studied for a degree in Sports and Exercise Science at Lincoln university, I knew that I wanted to use my knowledge of the human body and how people move to help them lead a healthier life. I gained lots of experience working with Nottingham Forest FC and have worked as a self employed massage […]

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Reflexology and Mindfulness

Katrina Stevens giving reflexology treatment to a patient.

Our clinic philosophy is based on the power of the body-brain connection and the knowledge that one deeply impacts the other. A tense, stressed body will create a stressed state in the mind which inhibits the healing process and leads to more body tension and causes that person to gradually move away from health over time.

Team member Katrina provides mindset coaching and general reflexology to support the relaxed, healing state created by Chiropractic adjustments. Katrina also offers  stand alone therapies for Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Menopause, Anxiety and Depression.

Katrina is particularly skilled in the area of Fertility and believes that while reproductive health can be addressed with a stand alone therapy,  a combination of therapies and techniques someone like her can provide gives the best results. Katrina's approach allows her to address physical, emotional and psychological elements of fertility as per each individual's need.

Visit her website for more information, or get in touch to find out how Katrina can help you.

Katrina also hosts regular drop-in mindfulness sessions on Monday and Friday, click here for dates and times.

Reflexologist Katrina Stevens.

Katrina Stevens


My background is actually as a nurse, specialising in Neo-Natal Intensive care and I also hold an MSc in Ergonomics. In the past I subscribed to a very medicalised model of health and illness, but after receiving complementary therapies myself, I came to see the sense of balance I experienced and recognised how complimentary therapies […]

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Personal Training

From September 2018, Richard Mills will be offering Personal Training sessions at Radcliffe Chiropractic Clinic. Call us for on 0115 933 4544 for more information.