Other Services

Muscle Therapy

A patient receiving massage therapy on her back.

We offer a range of techniques including deep tissue massage, acupuncture, cupping and home exercises.

We can teach specific exercises designed to strengthen all three elements of your posture: Balance, Alignment and Motion. A subtle change in posture spreads to all your daily habits and supports your Chiropractic care to help your hold adjustments for longer.

You don't have to be a Chiropractic patient to benefit, everyone is welcome.

Pregnancy Massage

Massage for Pregnancy

Being pregnant can be the most joyous of feelings, an many woman adjust to it with ease. It can also be the most exhausting and occasionally unpleasant or uncomfortable time and you will benefit from the soothing effects of massage.

Massage is one of the most relaxing therapies to have and is considered perfectly safe to have during pregnancy. It aims to improve your general well-being and encourage relaxation.

Massage works very well alongside chiropractic care during pregnancy, balancing the body systems as well as the physical body itself. Find out more about chiropractic pregnancy care.