What is Reflexology?

Reflexology was introduced to the West in the 20th century and works on the principle that reflexes in your feet relate to every organ in your body along with each of your body systems. Reflexology however is much older than this, dating back to China more than 500 years ago where it was also used in India and Egypt. These ancient civilisations realised the power of reflexology to achieve a balance in the human body on both a physical and energetic level.

Reflexology is focused on this need for balance and works by either stimulating or sedating certain points to achieve this. The therapy is very gentle and often so relaxing that patients describe "floating" home after a session!

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Fertility & Pregnancy

Reflexology to boost your natural fertility and support the balance of hormones from conception throughout pregnancy

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Women's Health

Focussing on the balance of hormones, Reflexology to reduce unwanted symptoms of menstrual problems including menopause

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Pregnancy Massage

Focussing on the muscles and soft tissue affected during pregnancy to provide much needed comfort, relaxation and relief

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Rwo Shur method

Reflexologist Katrina Stevens practises using the “Rwo Shur” method. This Asian form of reflexology is a combination of thumb-sliding and pressure techniques incorporating the knuckles. Katrina uses a very firm pressure with cream on the foot to allow a fast, efficient, flowing motion. Sessions last from 30minutes and while the aim is to achieve balance, usually patients require stimulation for increased energy and healing rather than relaxation.

Various variations of reflexology have been developed including specific protocols for fertility and maternity reflexology. However it is important to check individual therapist’s qualifications and affiliations to ensure they are properly qualified. Katrina is perhaps unique in Nottingham for her joint qualification as reflexology and as a neonatal nurse.

Reflexology for Children

There is an even gentler form of reflexology created especially for babies, infants and toddlers from one month to three years onwards. It is a much shorter treatment and uses only light strokes rather than the pressure that is exerted in adult treatments. Baby Reflexology was developed by Jenny Lee, a Chartered Physiotherapist and qualified Reflexologist, following 15 years’ extensive research into the effects of regular Reflexology on Childhood Asthma. The main effects found were relaxation, improved sleep and child/parent bonding. These exciting effects encouraged Jenny to create baby reflexology in 2005.

Baby Reflexology Treatment

The joy of Baby Reflexology is that it can be administered to address a specific concern and it can be completed anytime and anywhere you can get your hands on the child’s feet! Babies have shown relief from symptoms such as colic, constipation, sinus congestion and teething discomfort after receiving reflexology. Our reflexologist teaches parents some simple techniques to allow them to provide this wonderful treatment at home in just a 30 minute session with you and your child.

Reflexology for infertility

Experiencing fertility issues can be an incredibly sensitive subject and generates a multitude of emotions. An increasing number of couples are experiencing fertility issues with a reported 1 in 3 experiencing difficulty, and 1 in 6 seeking medical assistance. Holistic or Complementary therapies in their very nature aim to address both physical and psychological issues. On a physical level, they can address underlying medical issues, including hormonal imbalance, pre-existing medical conditions and the physiological effects of stress. On a psychological level they aim to address the emotional and mental issues that affect fertility.

Specialist Reproductive Reflexology, (Reproflexology™), Fertility Massage Therapy™ as well as diet and lifestyle advice, aim to address imbalances and working with the menstrual cycle. There are many reasons for sub-fertility, some with physical explanations and the majority unexplained. Balancing hormones, reminding the body what it needs to be doing and reducing your bodies negative response to stressors may help to improve your fertility. To find out more about how reflexologist Katrina has helped hundreds of Nottingham women with fertility issues, read our dedicated page.

Reflexology for Pregnancy

Being Pregnant can be the most joyous of feelings, and many woman adjust to it with ease. It can also be the most exhausting and occasionally unpleasant or uncomfortable time with some women experiencing nausea or discomfort, digestive issues including heartburn, anxiety and sleeplessness.

Pregnancy Reflexology aims to provide a sense of comfort and relaxation and address symptoms while supporting you and your baby.

Reflexology is one of the most relaxing therapies to have and is considered perfectly safe to have during pregnancy, It aims to improve your general well-being and encourage relaxation, aiming to help achieve hormonal balance and supporting your body while it adjusts to the major hormonal changes.

As you approach your due date, Reflexology can be used to prepare your body for the labour ahead and as you pass your due date, Reflexology can be used to encourage labour. Please note that your baby needs to be ready to come, but treatments may help the process along. Reflexology works very well alongside chiropractic care during pregnancy, balancing the body systems as well as the physical body itself. You can find out more on our chiropractic for pregnancy page.

Pregnancy Massage

Taking the time out to receive pregnancy massage is important in terms of relaxation for both you and your baby as well as addressing any areas of discomfort you may be experiencing. Katrina provides a massage in a dimly lit room with gentle music, while you lay on your side.

Massage during pregnancy is safe and provides a whole host of benefits, including:

  • Relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces swelling in ankles, feet and hands
  • Supports your immune system
  • Encourages the elimination of waste product and toxins from your body
  • Improves your mood
  • Improves sleep

Find out more on our pregnancy massage page.

Reflexology for Women’s Health

In addition to providing reflexology for fertility and pregnancy, Katrina also uses her specialist training and experience to work with you to achieve a greater sense of balance with symptoms of the menopause, premenstrual syndrome and menstrual issues such as endometriosis and poly cystic ovaries.

Combining reflexology, self care and lifestyle advice Katrina aims to help you to improve the often troublesome symptoms you may be experiencing. You can find out more on our women’s health page.

Reflexology for Arthritis

Specific areas that are relevant to people with Arthritis are:

  • Pain relief: Existing research has shown the effectiveness of reflexology for pain relief, concentrating on its ability to reduce pain and pain medication. Regular treatments may significantly reduce pain, and it is something that many clients have reported. It may also reduce depression associated with long term pain.
  • Detoxification: Many patients have been advised to adapt their diet to address arthritis symptoms. Reflexology aims to improve the detoxification process, through stimulation of the liver and kidney reflexes.
  • Improve sleep: One of the most common reasons for interrupted or lack of sleep is chronic pain. It’s a bit of a vicious circle really, as if you had more sleep, you’d probably have less pain and vice versa. Most reflexology clients report a great nights sleep after their treatments.
  • Improve circulation: Reflexology can improve circulation on blood and lymph, particularly in peripheral areas. This can be beneficial to arthritis symptoms by removing some of the toxins that are contributing to symptoms.
  • Reduce stress levels: Elevated long term stress levels lead to exhaustion and prone to developing other ill health symptoms. Reflexology is effective in providing a great sense of calm and relaxation, calming the adrenal glands (stress hormone producer), giving you a sense of balance and in turn improve your ability to cope with life and its demands.
  • A gentle alternative to massage: Reflexology can provide similar benefits to direct massage. By working the reflexes representing the skeletal system, many clients have reported an improvement in their symptoms. Many people with arthritis find the massage process painful, so Reflexology is a great alternative.

Our reflexologist

Katrina Stevens, Reflexologist

Katrina Stevens


My background is actually as a nurse, specialising in Neo-Natal Intensive care and I also hold and MSc in Ergonomics. In the past I subscribed to a very medicalised model of health and illness but after receiving complementary therapies myself, I came to see the sense of balance I experienced and recognised how complimentary therapies […]

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What our patients say

Kev, reflexology testimonial


I look forward to my monthly visits; the jovial conversation in a peaceful environment with an effective therapy performed by a very accomplished therapist.

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Barrie, chiropractic testimonial


At my age of 63, I can walk, run, dance and move without any pain, discomfort or muscular troubles. Regular chiropractic has provided me and my body that freedom. I am surprised that regular chiropractic has prevented any major muscle, joint or limb problems.

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Jenny, chiropractic testimonial


I have had 8 sessions of chiropractic, including acupuncture, and during this time my pain problems have significantly improved. I also had a massage during this time as the two therapies compliment each other well.

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Ramsey, massage therapy testimonial


As a keen cyclist in my spare time, it would really get me down when I was in too much pain to get out on the bike. However, following several sessions with Jack, I feel in much less pain, and can get back on the bike on weekends!

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Adjustments to the spine which restore the natural healing power of your nervous system to allow the body to heal itself

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