Fertility & Pregnancy

Our reflexologist Katrina Stevens has specialist qualifications in Fertility Reflexology (Reprofelxology TM) developed over the last 15 years. This training also allows Katrina to gather important data relating to your own natural fertility, to review your menstrual cycle , provide both partners with useful information to enhance fertility and help you identify peak fertile times. In addition Katrina is qualified to provide Fertility Massage Therapy TM, a form of massage applied to abdomen and sacral area.

In addition to supporting numerous Nottingham couples to successfully conceive, Katrina also provides Reflexology in pregnancy having been trained by David Waite at Jubilee College. This form of reflexology provides much needed relaxation with many clients reporting an improvement in their associated symptoms. Many clients also visit Katrina when they have passed 40 weeks pregnancy so that she can work as trained some recommended labour priming points

In addition, Katrina is also a trained Mindful Mama practitioner and holds monthly workshops helping those mothers give birth naturally and mindfully.

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Pregnancy Massage

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Reflexology for Sub-fertility

As many as 1 in 7 couples worldwide experience problems conceiving, fertilityexpert.co.uk. This may be a known gynaecological issue such as Endometriosis or Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome, a failure to ovulate, or very commonly an unknown reason such as hormonal imbalance, and of course stress.

This can be an incredibly sensitive subject and generates a multitude of emotions. An increasing number of couples are experiencing fertility issues with a reported 1 in 3 experiencing difficulty. Holistic or Complementary therapies in their very nature aim to address both physical and psychological issues. On a physical level, they can address underlying medical issues, including hormonal imbalance, pre-existing medical conditions and the physiological effects of stress. On a psychological level they aim to address the emotional and mental issues that affect fertility.

In the UK over 85% of healthy women will get pregnant within a year of trying for a baby and this number increases to 92% within two years. However, if you are over 35 you are more likely to have fertility problems and it may take up to 3 years before you get pregnant. By the age of 38 only 77% of women get pregnant within 3 years. Fertilityexpert.co.uk

Specialist Reproductive Reflexology, (Reproflexology™), Fertility Massage Therapy™ as well as diet and lifestyle advice, aim to address imbalances and working with the menstrual cycle. There are many reasons for sub-fertility, some with physical explanations and the majority unexplained. Balancing hormones, reminding the body what it needs to be doing and reducing your bodies negative response to stressors may help to improve your fertility. Katrina asks women to monitor their temperature daily and pass the information to her to assess as this provides key information regarding hormonal balance or more commonly imbalance. Many clients have reported this handing over to provide a sense of comfort and support. This charting also shows how lifestyle changes and treatments have affected the cycle. Katrina will also give you advise on self help you can do at home.

As well as supporting couple during natural fertility, Katrina also worked with couples undergoing assisted fertility methods, Chlomid, IUI and IVF and ICSI.

In the UK, of the couples having IVF treatment, 50% will be due to male infertility and 50% due to female infertility. While most of the problems can be identified, up to 20% of infertility in IVF patients has no obvious cause and this can make it much more difficult to treat. Fertiliotyexpert.co.uk

Many people ask how successful ReproflexologyTM and Fertility MassageTM is and it is impossible and potentially misleading to say as each person is different. There have been occasions where women have got the ovulation timing wrong and charting has shown different information, also where the luteal phase of the cycle has been shown to be too short which has lengthened over a few months. We cannot discount the effect of stress and any relaxation technique may be helpful in itself.

Reflexology for Pregnancy

Being Pregnant can be the most joyous of feelings, and many woman adjust to it with ease. It can also be the most exhausting and occasionally unpleasant or uncomfortable time with some women experiencing nausea or discomfort, digestive issues including heartburn, anxiety and sleeplessness.

Pregnancy Reflexology aims to provide a sense of comfort and relaxation and address symptoms while supporting you and your baby.

As you approach your due date, Reflexology can be used to prepare your body for the labour ahead and as you pass your due date, Reflexology can be used to encourage labour with specific labour priming points. Please note that your baby needs to be ready to come, but treatments may help the process along. Reflexology works very well alongside chiropractic care during pregnancy, balancing the body systems as well as the physical body itself. You can find out more about chiropractic in pregnancy here.

After working specific reflex points, many Pregnant clients have reported an improvement in some of their pregnancy related symptoms, most noticeably sickness, indigestions and pelvic discomfort and an increase in their sense of calm.

Pregnancy Massage

Taking the time out to receive pregnancy massage is important in terms of relaxation for both you and your baby as well as addressing any areas of discomfort you may be experiencing. Katrina provides a massage in a dimly lit room with gentle music, while you lay on your side.

Massage during pregnancy is safe and provides a whole host of benefits, including:

  • Relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces swelling in ankles, feet and hands
  • Supports your immune system
  • Encourages the elimination of waste product and toxins from your body
  • Improves your mood
  • Improves sleep

Katrina spends time making sure that both you and your bump are comfortable and supported before performing a massage with a pregnancy specific aromatherapy blend to your back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands applying a pressure to suit your requirements. At the end of the massage Katrina performs a foot and ankle massage and can incorporate some reflexology if you would like. A time to relax and connect with your baby, you will be surprised at how your baby responds to the effect the massage is having on you. A must for every mum to be and giving a pregnant friend, relative or partner a gift voucher for such a massage is an ideal gift.

Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing Classes

Do you and your partner want to feel confident, excited and relaxed about your baby’s birth? Do you want to give your baby a gentle start?

Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing is the original one day Mindful Hypnobirthing™ class which accompanies the best selling book, ‘Mindful Hypnobirthing’.

The aim of Mindful Mamma is to allow you to reframe any birth associated fears and access your natural birthing brain while quietening the constant chatter of your neo cortex. It allows you to access a relaxed state and maintain it, provides information to the birthing partner to help and support the process while working as a couple.

You’ll learn practical mindful hypnobirthing techniques, receive 9 exclusive MP3 tracks designed to increase the effectiveness of the techniques and access to a private members area with resources and discounts.

Our reflexologist

Katrina Stevens, Reflexologist

Katrina Stevens


My background is actually as a nurse, specialising in Neo-Natal Intensive care and I also hold and MSc in Ergonomics. In the past I subscribed to a very medicalised model of health and illness but after receiving complementary therapies myself, I came to see the sense of balance I experienced and recognised how complimentary therapies […]

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What our patients say

Andrew, chiropractic testimonial


All my visits to Radcliffe Chiropractic Clinic have been a pleasure, due to the helpfulness and friendliness of the staff, and I can certainly recommend Naomi as someone who will give you the utmost care and attention, and will do all she can to improve your health.

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Hannah, chiropractic testimonial


I had seen other chiropractors before but unfortunately my most recent experience before coming here had only had temporary effects. Coming to Radcliffe, I was hit by the professionalism of not just Naomi but the whole of the practice staff.

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Kev, reflexology testimonial


I look forward to my monthly visits; the jovial conversation in a peaceful environment with an effective therapy performed by a very accomplished therapist.

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Jenny, chiropractic testimonial


I have had 8 sessions of chiropractic, including acupuncture, and during this time my pain problems have significantly improved. I also had a massage during this time as the two therapies compliment each other well.

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