Pregnancy Massage

Taking the time out to receive pregnancy massage is important in terms of relaxation for both you and your baby as well as addressing any areas of discomfort you may be experiencing. Katrina provides a massage in a dimly lit room with gentle music, while you lay on your side. She spends time making sure that birth you and your bump are comfortable and supported before performing a massage with a pregnancy specific aromatherapy blend to your back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands. At the end of the massage Katrina performs a foot and ankle massage and can incorporate some reflexology if you would like. A must for every mum to be.

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Reflexology for Pregnancy

Being Pregnant can be the most joyous of feelings, and many woman adjust to it with ease. It can also be the most exhausting and occasionally unpleasant or uncomfortable time with some women experiencing nausea or discomfort, digestive issues including heartburn, anxiety and sleeplessness. Pregnancy Reflexology aims to provide a sense of comfort and relaxation and address symptoms while supporting you and your baby.

Reflexology is one of the most relaxing therapies to have and is considered perfectly safe to have during pregnancy, It aims to improve your general well-being and encourage relaxation, aiming to help achieve hormonal balance and supporting your body while it adjusts to the major hormonal changes. Find out more here.

As you approach your due date, Reflexology can be used to prepare your body for the labour ahead and as you pass your due date, Reflexology can be used to encourage labour. Please note that your baby needs to be ready to come, but treatments may help the process along. Reflexology works very well alongside chiropractic care during pregnancy, balancing the body systems as well as the physical body itself. You can find out more about chiropractic in pregnancy here.

Our reflexologist

Katrina Stevens, Reflexologist

Katrina Stevens


My background is actually as a nurse, specialising in Neo-Natal Intensive care and I also hold and MSc in Ergonomics. In the past I subscribed to a very medicalised model of health and illness but after receiving complementary therapies myself, I came to see the sense of balance I experienced and recognised how complimentary therapies […]

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Barrie, chiropractic testimonial


At my age of 63, I can walk, run, dance and move without any pain, discomfort or muscular troubles. Regular chiropractic has provided me and my body that freedom. I am surprised that regular chiropractic has prevented any major muscle, joint or limb problems.

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Kasja, chiropractic testimonial


As someone who has gotten seriously into sport over the last couple of years, I can't imagine achieving the same success without the help of my physical therapists. They put me back together when I've pushed myself to the limit!

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Kate, chiropractic testimonial


I was really surprised by the instant relief I experienced after my first adjustment. Happily, I was able to sleep much better that night despite lugging my toddler around all day!

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Adam, chiropractic testimonial


Ever since seeing Naomi and Katie my back has never felt stronger and I can still carry on playing the sports I love and enjoy activities with my family.

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