Patient testimonial


Andrew, chiropractic testimonial

"I saw more improvement in 6 weeks than I had in 6 months..."

Andrew was a keen tennis player, held back by pain in his tendons. Having exhausted his options on the NHS he decided to try chiropractic on the advice of a friend.

After many years of racket sports and reaching the grand old age of 50, I developed pain in both my ankles in early 2014. My left one was so bad that I had to give up both tennis and badminton in May.

I thought resting from sport would give the tendons chance to naturally heal. However, three months later there seemed to be no improvement. After visiting my GP, a sports injury specialist at QMC, a physiotherapist and a podiatrist I still couldn’t get back to sport.

At this point a friend with a similar problem recommended Naomi Mills who had helped him. I’d never thought of seeing a chiropractor about this, as it didn’t seem related to my back.

Taking his advice, I booked some treatments with Naomi, and after only a few sessions I began to see some improvement – after months of getting nowhere.

As of February 2015, the tendon is still not pain free, but I have seen more improvement in six weeks than I saw in the previous six months.

In addition, the adjustments to my back have improved my posture, which should help avoid over-stressing the Achilles in the future.

All my visits to Radcliffe Chiropractic Clinic have been a pleasure, due to the helpfulness and friendliness of the staff, and I can certainly recommend Naomi as someone who will give you the utmost care and attention, and will do all she can to improve your health. If you are in need of chiropractic treatment, I would say look no further.