Patient testimonial


Barrie, chiropractic testimonial

Coming for 11 years has safeguarded me against problems...


I’ve always seen my body as a motor, and ensure that it is well-kept and serviced regularly; to me, chiropractic provides the well-being to ensure that my limbs, joints and bones operate and function without any problems.

Having attended Radcliffe Chiropractic Clinic for 11 years on a monthly basis, I have found that it has kept my joints, limbs and muscles very much in working order without any major problems.

At my age of 63, I can walk, run, dance and move without any pain, discomfort or muscular troubles. Regular chiropractic has provided me and my body that freedom. I am surprised that regular chiropractic has prevented any major muscle, joint or limb problems.

Attending the clinic regularly has given me satisfaction and the comfort of knowing that I don’t suffer any pain. The benefits have been well-being, ability to move around, walk, and run without any issues.

I would highly recommend the practice to anyone and everyone, if you want to stay free of muscular pain and problems.

To undertake chiropractic and get the full benefits, you have to take it seriously and regularly, and monthly treatments provide that safeguard, as it has done for me over the past 11 years.