Patient testimonial

Cate and family

Cate and family

I was pregnant with my 3rd child and my massage therapist referred me after noticing my pelvic position. Since starting care, it has helped me recover from pregnancy and also when I fell badly last year it made such a difference.

I now bring my children for chiropractic care and I didn’t realise it would help them so much. I see them light up after an adjustment and their active bodies seen stronger and they recover quickly whenever they get sick in comparison with their friends.

It has been a long journey but particularly I noticed in the last 2 years the specific benefits. How it supported the release of trauma and emotions when I had therapy. For the last year, I’ve been building up my fitness with the goal of starting Taekwon-do. It started with one half hour swim and has become four swims of an hour, 1 spin and gym sessions. I feel able to take on challenges and am ready physically and mentally for new learning and physical movement. I’ve been very inspired by Naomi’s challenges and wish to improve life for others. I’ve appreciated her support and encouragement.

I’ve achieved many health goals and it is improving but the chiropractic has helped me listen to my body and notice changes. Also the slow growth means the focus has been on my body feeling well not weight loss which Is simply a natural balance as I move more an improve my diet. I feel like chiropractic helps my body to communicate better with me so I can listen better and it has become a symbiotic process of healing, growth and wellbeing!

I have started a 22 mile channel swim over 12 weeks to raise money for the hospice my mother in law was in. Except I have already swam double the week target so it might become a 44 mile swim, there and back. I never imagined it a year ago. Thanks to Naomi and all at RCC