Patient testimonial



Chiropractic was my last resort after everything else had failed.

I had years of back and neck pain before I came to see a Chiropractor. At first I didn’t want to come because I was afraid that the ‘clicking’ of the spine would hurt. I was actually scared of anybody touching my spine and felt very protective of it. I had tried all forms of pain relief, physiotherapy, massage and pills – this really was my last resort!

The biggest benefit I have experienced has been slowly getting my life back. Having this pain and taking pills every day was stopping me enjoying holidays and travel which I love to do, even playing bridge with my family was hurting and making it less enjoyable. Now I can do all these things and feel much more comfortable and confident with my body.

Things are not 100% yet, so I am keeping up with my adjustments to get my body to the best it can be. It’s amazing, that I can still get better and I’m excited to see where things go.