Patient testimonial



I'm a chiropractic convert for life ...

Ex-professional footballer Don Masson wasn't really ready to give up sport in his retirement. Having noticed how American athletes regularly visited chiropractors to stay fit and well, he decide to give us a go and hasn't looked back since!

Don Masson is an ex professional footballer, having turned out for Notts County, QPR and Scotland (at two world cups) amongst other teams, during the 70s and early 80s.

He first came across chiropractic when playing in the North American Soccer League at the twilight of his career, and noted that Americans seemed to see chiropractors as a matter of routine, unlike in the UK. He first visited a chiropractor in 2006 following a hip replacement. Don’s aim was clear: he wanted to increase his activity levels and maintain an active lifestyle for as long as he possibly could.

To this day, Don continues to be active playing tennis at over 65s county level, enjoying DIY, gardening, and looking after the local churchyard all by himself. On starting chiropractic care, Don noticed immediate help with his aches and pains but also experienced a general improvement in his quality of life. Used to regularly taking care of his health through fitness training, he decided very quickly that, just as he had witnessed all those years ago in America, he would continue his chiropractic care regularly to stay well.

Don visits us every month here at Radcliffe and says “I will do so for the rest of my life”.