Patient testimonial


Hannah, chiropractic testimonial

"Don't accept prolonged pain like I did..."

Hannah had seen chiropractors before, but the results weren't always long-lasting. After visiting us at Radcliffe for her back pain, she is now back into exercise and loosing weight. She couldn't be happier!

I had seen other chiropractors before but unfortunately my most recent experience before coming here had only had temporary effects. Coming to Radcliffe, I was hit by the professionalism of not just Naomi but the whole of the practice staff – the ladies on reception are really lovely and really put you at ease.

What really surprised me was the workshop on my second visit before the treatment, I have never had the chiropractic procedure explained to me and I found this to be very interesting and informative.

The greatest benefit is that I have been able to exercise again – I had put on a lot of weight due to being unable to exercise due to chronic back pain – sleep is another area which has greatly been improved, I used to wake up about 5am every morning with muscular pain in my back – now I sleep like a log!

Thank-you very much for the fantastic results I have been experiencing over the past few weeks/months! I couldn’t be more grateful to the whole team.