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Jesse, chiropractic testimonial

Vicky had a very traumatic labour and birth because of a lack of care and support. Jesse was born black and blue and the whites of his eyes were red. He had neck trauma and was suffering from migraines, all of which meant she couldn't put him down until she finally discovered chiropractic care.

I was breastfeeding and Jesse was constantly sucking as this took the pain from his birth trauma away. I had no idea what he was going through and thought he was just an unhappy baby that was very hungry. One day I noticed his arms were not functioning like they should, they hung down as though they were dead. I also noticed when I was dressing him that he would scream in pain if his arms were lifted up.

He was suffering from reflux and was crying every time he was lying down. This was making him gag in his sleep and looked as though he was choking. I could not sleep for fear he would choke. We went to see our GP and he gave us Gaviscon for his reflux but that made him constipated so he also had to have a laxative.

I was talking to a friend who had recently had a baby and she told me about Naomi so I made an appointment and we have not looked back since.

The first appointment was upsetting as Jesse cried throughout because he was just so tight! But that night Jesse slept and I had my fist sleep in two months. After the third appointment he was off the Gaviscon and laxative, after the fourth appointment I had a new baby.

Jesse has barely cried since. He smiles, lets me dress him, lays flat, sleeps, plays, giggles at everything. He is such a happy baby. I do not know what we would have done if we did not have this treatment.

I was surprised about how quickly the treatment worked. The greatest benefit is that my baby is no longer in pain because at first I didn’t know that was the problem which is upsetting to think.

I would recommend anyone with an unhappy baby take them to be checked by the chiropractor. I wish I had known about it sooner and that every baby should be treated. We do not know what the baby goes through when being born and they don’t always have bruises to show for it.

Jesse, sleeping

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