Patient testimonial


Male patient showing benefits of chiropractic

I was first motivated to visit the RCC as I was interested in Chiropractic as a career choice. A friend of mine told me that work experience was a good idea, so I arranged with Dr Naomi Mills to come in. After my work experience was finished, I experienced some lower back pain so I visited the RCC to see a friendly face!

The biggest benefit I have experienced is improved sleep and comfort enabling me to perform better in sport. The most unexpected benefit I experienced was improved sleep. I sleep like a baby after an adjustment!

The benefits of chiropractic are endless. Better sleep helps with getting college work done and being a happier person has social benefits. I play cricket to a high level and I also participate I rugby and boxing, so I have a generally sport life and I feel as though my performances in my sports has increased and I have more confidence in performing because I feel so well.