Patient testimonial


Joy, massage testimonial

It really does help and sets me up well for the week end...

To compliment my adjustments I have been seeing Dan for a massage on a monthly basis. I have found these to be an excellent addition to seeing Naomi/Kate.

Some weeks I find that spending a long time driving with work have left my neck and shoulders very stiff. On such occasions I have booked in an additional massage on a Friday. It really does help and sets me up well for the week end.

Dan is very experienced and always checks pressure is appropriate. He is very easy to get along with and the whole experience is one of relaxation and balancing.

I think the combination of the massage and adjustments keeps me far more agile and free from aches and pains. I would definitely recommend Dan to anyone who is thinking about trying a massage out. He will discuss your general well-being with you and ask which areas you would like him to concentrate on. I always find myself looking forward to my massage as I know I will sleep well that night and generally feel better in the days following.