Patient testimonial



Chiropractic helped me reach my goal...

At first I didn’t know what chiropractic was useful for, only that it was unpleasant because of all the bone-cracking. I was surprised that you get used to it after a while and even look forward to it! The biggest benefit I have experienced was when Naomi adjusted my neck after it seized up – the pain was gone in a day, where normally it would’ve taken weeks.

I now use chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis, as well as physiotherapy, and the two really complement each other. The Chiropractic adjustments take care of my nervous system and allow my body to work to it’s best while the physio helps with muscle strength. With regular chiropractic and physiotherapy sessions I have successfully completed an Ironman triathlon, which included over 7 hours on the bike as well as a swim and a marathon. I can’t thank Naomi enough for helping me get to that point.

As someone who has gotten seriously into sport over the past couple of years, I can’t imagine achieving the same success without the help of my physical therapists. They put me back together when I’ve pushed myself to the limit!

Not only has chiropractic helped me, but it has also done wonders for my mum – she had a back problem for years and now she feels great too.

Update: in 2015 Kasja achieved the Guiness world record for the longest distance cycled by a woman. Well done Kasja!