Patient testimonial



Kate was struggling to stay at work due to her pelvic girdle pain. Here she explains how Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy helped keep her mobile and able to run after her toddler!

When a different chiropractor hadn’t been able to help my mum I was reluctant to try one, but having developed pelvic girdle pain during my second pregnancy, I needed to try something!

I was struggling to sleep, walk around town, and manage my full-time office job comfortably. So, I was really surprised by the instant relief I experienced after my first adjustment. Happily, I was able to sleep much better that night despite lugging my toddler around all day!

There are so many pregnancy gripes that you don’t have to put up with (the heartburn relief was great), so I’ve already recommended others to come here. I would also be open to having Naomi look at the baby once he is born, as I’ve benefited, he might too.

If you want to know more about how Chiropractic can help during pregnancy take a look at our Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy page.

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