Patient testimonial



Chiropractic adjustments have ended a year of immobility...

I had been suffering with chronic lower back pain for a year, taking strong painkillers and having physiotherapy at QMC, when I picked up a leaflet on Radcliffe Chiropractic Clinic at The Grange Hall.

The Chiropractor carried out a thorough initial assessment and recommended a care plan of adjustments. Within a month I was able to walk my dog for the first time in a year and since then I have been able to increase how far I can walk on a daily basis. The pain also reduced so significantly that I was able to reduce my dependency on painkillers, eventually stopping all together.

I continue to come for my adjustments as I realise that my lifestyle and structure of my spine mean that I will never be “fixed”, just like going to the dentist, regular check-ups make sense to avoid going back to where I started. I would recommend Radcliffe Chiropractic Clinic to anyone!

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