Patient testimonial



When Dr Naomi first took over the clinic in 2014, my wife and I came for monthly adjustments. However, when she introduced the nervous system tests I could easily see that just 12 adjustments a year was not enough to help me achieve the level of fitness and wellbeing that I wanted. Working full time and experiencing the normal pressures of daily life meant that despite coming regularly I was still stiff, didn’t sleep that well and often had aches or pains that I had simply come to expect.

That’s when I went through the “reset” where x-rays were taken of my spine and the health of my nervous system was measured. This showed the Chiropractor what was possible for my health and the best way for me to be adjusted. I then had a cluster of appointments close together to help me get back on top of things and experience more benefits in 6 weeks than I had in the last 3 years! Now my plan is to come more often than I did before and I’ve also introduced massage regularly to help me relax and let go of tension in my muscles.

I’m surprised how much there is still to discover as a Chiropractic patient even after being under care for years. I think it’s fantastic that they keep up to date and are always on top of the latest research.