Patient testimonial


Kev, reflexology testimonial

I first booked a reflexology appointment with Katrina out of curiosity and rationalised that even if I didn’t feel any well-being benefits from this alternative therapy then I’d at least have a pleasant foot massage.

However, for a few days after my first session my shoulders that have given me quite a lot of discomfort over the past couple of years we’re remarkably more mobile and pain-free.

Katrina did mention to me at the time that the area of my foot associated with the shoulder was particularly ‘crunchy’.

Since then I was convinced of the value of reflexology, yet each month I let Katrina ‘find’ my problem areas without offering hints…..and she hits them every time.

When I feel she hits a crunchy area I ask what area that is and when she tells me it’s never a surprise as it’s always an area that relates to some trauma or discomfort.

I look forward to my monthly visits; the jovial conversation in a peaceful environment with an effective therapy performed by a very accomplished therapist.