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Maria chiropractic testimonial

Maria has had chiropractic care with Naomi throughout 2 pregnancies and both her boys come in for care (and her husband too!). She shares why chiropractic care is an important part of their family life.

I first met Naomi during my first pregnancy having never considered chiropractic before. I was surprised at how effective the adjustments were and they enabled me to keep active and feel comfortable throughout.

Seeing Naomi meant I’ve been able to recover from both my pregnancies, regain the strength in my back and body and stabilise my pelvis. The newborn adjustments to Arthur and Edward were wonderful; both boys relaxed into them and slept beautifully afterwards.

The whole family now come for regular checks and my husband and I continue to get adjusted as we both have stressful jobs. Struggling to cope with the changes of pregnancy on my body has helped me to realise how much chiropractic can help when your body stops feeling good.

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