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Martha & Lucas

Martha & Lucas.

I do think that as my children are more aware of their spinal health and are involved in protecting it at a young age, they will maintain this into adulthood.

Lucas is 8 years old and has been experiencing some discomfort in his groin, he said he felt it pop while performing a karate kick. I mentioned this to Naomi during my appointment and she suggested I should bring him in. I hadn’t really considered an option to be honest.

Lucas found his consultation fun, Naomi made him at ease and engaged brilliantly with him. He’s an active boy and I was worried that he wouldn’t be still enough for a treatment. She asked about his sleep and he had been struggling to get to sleep at times. He had adjustments to his hip area and lower back. He had broken his leg 3 years previously and he was out of correct alignment possibly as a result. He also had adjustments to his neck, which he described as having popcorn popping in his ear!

After a few adjustments his pain went, his running gate improved, as did his sleep. He is followed up every 6 months now and has seen both Katie and Naomi at the clinic, who are brilliant with him. With his sports he undertakes, Karate, Football, Ice skating (and it’s associated falls) and now triathlon club, I feel it’s vital that his musculoskeletal health is assessed and maintained. He even suggested his sister get checked, so quite the advocate!

Martha is 7 years old and she first received Chiropractic care as a very small baby. She had terrible colic and was in distress during and after feeds. A short course of treatment and she was a different baby. I didn’t really consider it for anything else afterwards. She’s a healthy active and rather clumsy girl!

We sough Chiropractic care again as she approached her 7th birthday, on her brother’s suggestion. She has a very slight protrusion on her upper spine and Lucas suggested she was in fact a stegosaurus!

Martha does acrobatic and freestyle dance, pony rides and ice skates, with their associated falls and awkward postures. During her assessment Naomi suggested she would benefit from adjustment to her neck (more popcorn). Shortly before her second visit, Martha had a fall from the pony she was riding and Naomi made some adjustments to her pelvis. I do wonder what the impact these falls and postural issues could have had on their health as adults and am glad that they don’t have to find out!

I was surprised about the need for neck adjustments initially, as when they do interact with electronic hand held devices (although limited), I am constantly correcting their head posture. But, I realised that they are undertaking tasks at school that involve bending their heads forward to write on flat desks.

I would definitely recommend getting your children checked with a paediatric trained chiropractor, and not only if they undertake sports activities. I do think that as my children are more aware of their spinal health and are involved in protecting it at a young age, they will maintain this into adulthood and not experience the issues I have.