Patient testimonial


Since a very young child I have been a competitive highboard diver and gymnast which has put a lot of stress strain and pressure on my body. As I have grown older the injuries have started to take there toll.
I have been having a combination of muscle therapy and chiropractic adjustments and have noticed that the pain has settle down a lot/gone away. I am now able to do more with my day and actually relax without getting aching pain across my back.
I didn’t expect to feel as fantastic as I do now! I wish I had done it earlier as I would of healed faster!
Even though I originally came for pain I can say that it has changed my overall health and quality of life! I have less migraines, less aching pains and I am far more relaxed! This means I’m able to do so much more with my life.
It has been worth every penny to feel this good after years of discomfort and pain!