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Neo, chiropractic testimonial

Baby Neo visited Naomi at the clinic for 4 adjustments after his mum couldn't cope with his screaming in his car seat. Here Neo's mum Heather shares her experience and the before and after photos!

From birth my son has been extremely distressed in his car seat. He has screamed himself hoarse, clawing his face and arching his back. This made even the shortest car journey distressing for everyone, including my 3 year old son who was upset his baby brother was “sad”. After 4 visits to Naomi he’s like a different baby. He sleeps or is happy look at a toy in his car seat and his brother often asks if we’ve left Neo at home!

I’d never used a chiropractor before so didn’t think about contacting one. However Naomi was recommended and I thought, why not? It surprised me that Naomi was able to find tension in his back as I didn’t know babies could have sore backs but once it was explained to me, it made sense.

A non-tense baby is the greatest benefit!

At the end of it all, my greatest concern is my baby and his health, comfort and happiness. This seems to have been much improved since your treatment so I’m very happy.

Thank you!

Neo’s mum, Heather

Neo, before chiropractic treatment
Neo, before chiropractic treatment
Neo, after chiropractic treatment
Neo, after chiropractic treatment

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