Patient testimonial


Sarah, chiropractic testimonial

Sarah first met Naomi when her newborn suffered from cow's milk protein intolerance and when treatment helped calm Jack she was surprised! With a second son suffering too and a husband with a bad back, the whole Curwood family has now benefitted from chiropractic care.

I was recommended to see Naomi through a group I attended, due to my newborn baby having silent reflux and a cow’s milk allergy back in 2014. People had suggested that a chiropractor, who was trained to work with babies, may be able to help. I was hoping to try any sort of alternative treatment to using harsh medication for my baby & although I had no idea what a chiropractor’s work entailed, I was willing to be educated!

As soon as I had spoken to Naomi and her team I felt incredibly comforted and confident that this type of treatment had a good chance of helping my son. I can honestly say that even after the first adjustment, within 24 hours he had improved in comfort. He continued to get better each time he went & he was a much happier little boy. We only needed 4 adjustments in total and have since been back for a check-up and he is now in a great place.

Then, when I was pregnant with my second son, I had terrible pelvic girdle pain and was incredibly uncomfortable. I went to see Naomi who re adjusted my pelvis and did work all over my body & managed to make me feel human again, enabling me to carry on with my pregnancy in comfort and so I continued to see her right up until I gave birth.

Seeing these great results my husband had a plan with Naomi to do adjustments on him. After several appointments the results are amazing, particularly the difference it has made to his neck. As he is a motorbike rider and safety is essential, it wasn’t until afterwards he realised how tight his neck had been.

Now more recently, my second son has been diagnosed with reflux and a cow’s milk allergy and once again after just one adjustment he has improved. I will continue to take my second son as he and my first born are proof of the fantastic work and amazing results Naomi can achieve. I am also hoping to start a plan for myself too with Naomi. As a family we will continue to come back as and when we need to. This incredible lady and the work she has done with every single member of my family, and the difference she has made to us all, means I am very grateful to her and would highly recommend her to anyone.

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You can also contact us for a free baby check to find out if your child could benefit.