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Victoria, chiropractic testimonial

I truly felt my active life had come to an end and felt all of my age...

I am 70 years old and a fitness teacher for more mature ladies. I run 3 classes a week with ages ranging from 50-80+. In 35 year of teaching I have never suffered any severe physical problems and have enjoyed a very active later life including running, 10 Raced for Life, cycling and regular gym sessions.

At the start of this year however I noticed a stiffness in my back and the classic “unfolding” when getting out of my car. By the end of May I was noticing back pain and whilst lifting some heavy steps off a stage I felt something “go”. I battled on but 3 days later following a run I experienced severe pain in my lower back and down my leg. I was barely able to walk and had to cancel all my classes.

I truly felt my active life had come to an end and felt of all my age and refused to go out as I could only walk a few steps. Thankfully a pupil of mine rang and recommended I visit Radcliffe Chiropractic Clinic and since I was desperate to go on holiday in a couple of weeks, I went.

After being examined and having a chat with the chiropractor who reassured me that things would improve the relief was beyond words. I visited 3 times per week to begin with and gradually dropped down to once per month.

I’m now back to teaching all my classes, running and going to the gym. I would recommend chiropractic to anyone (and have done) but with the condition that this only works if you put in some work as well. Making lifestyle changes and stretching is a major part of recovery. It may seem slow at first but I can assure you it will get better.