What’s your body saying?

Author: Naomi Mills

Do you sometimes feel as though your body is punishing you, or letting you down?

You are ticking along the road of life quite nicely, doing what you’ve always done and managing how you’ve always managed. You’re OK, until something comes out of the blue and knocks you sideways. It could be a nasty cold, flu or you simply bend over to switch the dishwasher on and your back “goes on you” or you turn suddenly sideways for your neck to spasm and continue for days on end.

Very often in our office we hear practice members complaining of a health expression or their symptoms and ask “why is this happening to me” and then “how quickly will it go away”. We have all done this and unconsciously hold onto the idea that health problems happen “to” us not “for” us, because of what we do. Chiropractic reminds us of one of the simplest but most forgotten facts of life: our bodies are intelligent. When we begin to show symptoms however painful or inconvenient they may be, they are an intelligent physiological response from the body. It’s our body’s way of speaking to us the only way our conscious brain will listen – often, to stop it in it’s tracks.

What is my body saying?

When your body gives you a strong message of pain or illness it’s a reminder for us to stop, listen, assess and take action for our health.

Instead of being annoyed that you need to rest, why not embrace the messages your body has given to you to ensure you have the rest and relaxation that your body requires. Do you need to get checked by the Chiropractor? Change your diet, sleep, meditate, exercise, have fun or connect with a friend?

You can’t “catch” a cold or “pass it on”

Think about it: you share a lift with someone who has a nasty, snotty cold. They look terrible. Are you going to get sick as a result? Why will some people come down sick with the cold but others not? Where did that cold even come from in the first place? Actually, the cold is an expression of an exhausted nervous system and nothing to do with who you have been around that day. It is an expression of an unwell inside not a weakness from outside.

A great example of this comes from mosquitoes who you will never find in fresh, free-flowing water, but only stagnant ponds where they can breed and thrive. Mosquitoes are the result of the environment where they can thrive. In the same way, a cold is a result of your internal environment being under strain rather than strong and healthy.

What does it mean?

The best way to look at any  symptom, tiredness or discomfort is that this has developed FOR you rather than TO you. Ask yourself “what changes does my body need me to make?” Recognising that maybe you could drink more water and less tea/coffee or eat better food. Assess the strain and stress you put yourself under and shorten that “to do” list.

Very often you’ll find what you need to do is put yourself at the top of your priority list or your body will simply force you to stop, rest and take stock.

How much better would it be if you saw these health challenges in a positive light and listened to your body’s messages and expressions? How about celebrating them as an opportunity for growth? Why not give it a try!