Why your health can never be “fixed”

Author: Emma Gilbert

Most people know that Chiropractors work on the spine, but why? It’s not because we like backs! It’s actually because your spine houses the most important part of your body, the part that keeps you alive – your spinal cord – which along with your brain makes up your Central Nervous System. Without this system, your heart would ‘forget’ to beat, your lungs would ‘forget’ to breathe and your gut would ‘forget’ to digest your feed. That’s why we think it’s the most important part of your body. Also, because your body and brain mirror each-other, the healthier your nervous system is, the better your brain thinks and feels too.

Very often however, patients come to us looking for a fix or solution to their problem when actually every one of us who suffers any kind of ill health has the same underlying problem – that is that their body is not managing to heal itself. This is usually a sign that the central nervous system needs some support which is how people recover without drugs or surgery. It’s called Chiropractic!

Keeping your brain alive

Your human brain needs 3 things to survive: oxygen, glucose (energy) and stimulation from it’s environment. This comes in the form of independent motion in the spine and from the stimulation of walking around on 2 legs. Getting adjusted supports this vital system and helps you to respond better to your outside environment, coping with the stresses and strains of everyday life, regardless of how old you are. It does this by stimulating the central nervous system through your adjustment to stimulate the brain and improve how your system is working.

Regular exercise is equally important as according to a recent study people who are do not do regular load-bearing exercises not only lose muscle mass, but their body chemistry is altered at the cellular level and  their nervous system is adversely impacted.

You’re not dead, are you?

Humans are constantly adapting, changing and being affected by their outside environment. This shows us we are alive! Your whole quality of life, health and wellbeing are controlled by the state of your central nervous system, which is an ever-changing and adapting thing. The system itself can only ever be in 1 of 2 states: getting healthier: rebuilding, restoring and getting stronger or moving away from health and breaking down (either slowly or quickly depending on your circumstances). Your health is never simply stationary.

Why you can never be fixed

Since you don’t intend to stop living your life, you can never be ‘fixed’ so that your system doesn’t begin to break down. It happens to all of us as living beings! Looking for a fix from your Chiropractor or anyone else for that matter, simply isn’t realistic. It would be like taking your car to a mechanic and asking him to fix it so it never breaks down again. Sure he’d say, so long as you don’t drive it again!

There are however, 5 key ways that you can support the health of your system, making it less likely to break down or ensure you recover faster when you do. They are:

  1. A healthy nervous system through Chiropractic adjustments
  2. Regular weight bearing exercise
  3. Good diet and hydration
  4. Taking care of your mental health (reducing stressors in your life)
  5. Good quality sleep

Free workshops

On the 3rd Monday and Wednesday of each month at 6.45pm we hold a “build you health” workshop, free to anyone who is interested in taking control of their health. Here we go into details on the 5 ways you can build your health and help “fix” yourself faster with tips, tools and support to help you succeed.

Hope to see you at our next one!