Chiropractic for pregnancy

Since finding out his wife Emma was pregnant – our Chiropractor Jack has taken a particular interest in providing chiropractic care during pregnancy.


We are privileged to have helped a huge number of pregnant mums-to-be here at Radcliffe Chiropractic Clinic. The most common reasons they visit are:

Low back pain

Pelvic pain

Neck pain

Leg pain

Chest/Rib pain

A healthy baby begins with a healthy pregnancy 

The aim of care during pregnancy is to give both mum and baby as much room as possible, and to help put both at ease.

Care is very gentle and we use specific techniques to help and reduce pain and discomfort during pregnancy as well as encouraging an easier delivery. These involve modifying our usual approach and some specific techniques such as Webster Technique which is aimed at the lower spine and pelvis. Our aim is to provide a high level of care throughout your pregnancy to ensure your comfort in the safest way possible. We are often delighted to find many mothers take up our offer for after care of themselves and their new born after the birth.

Radcliffe Chiropractic has always been blessed with a large population of babies and children as patients. Jack has completed numerous post graduate courses specifically in paediatric chiropractic to ensure the best care for your little one. Care involves spinal, cranial (head shape) and visceral techniques. As with any other patient, we will explain the process of care and outline all babies with their very own plan of care.

We believe that the best time to begin chiropractic care is early in a mother’s pregnancy but we will happily see mums-to-be at any stage of their journey.

Babies and Children: We see large numbers of new born babies and children, and our TEAM is experienced in their treatment, all having attended post graduate chiropractic paediatric courses. Treatment consists of gentle spinal, cranial and visceral paediatric techniques and the chiropractor will explain the treatment process to you and talk through your child’s treatment plan.