How long are the sessions?

Your Initial Consultation will normally last for 1 hour. Your follow up sessions such as your Report of Findings and Adjustments will vary on time and with each individual.

Will my adjustments hurt?

Chiropractic adjustments should not be painful when carried out by a qualified practitioner. Every patient responds differently to care and our chiropractors tailor care plans to the needs of individual patients.

How often will I need to visit?

Your chiropractor will advise you of this during your Report of Findings as it varies for each patient.

Will I need an x-ray?

X-rays will only be taken when it is clinically indicated and where further investigation of your condition is warranted. This will be discussed with you by your chiropractor.


I am not sure if Chiropractic Care is for me – what do you suggest?

Please book a free 15 minute consultation with us. Our team will be happy for you to come in and talk to our chiropractor about whether care is appropriate for you or not. If care is not advisable, we will happily help you find the best port-of-call from our vast network of practitioners and medical professionals.

Will I receive an adjustment/treatment on my first visit?

The chiropractor will carry out a full assessment on your first visit. This will then be either followed by your first adjustment on the same day or you may be invited back if the chiropractor requires more time to establish the best route for your care. For instance – if X-rays are indicated as necessary.

Will my private health insurance cover my treatment costs?
We are registered with the General Chiropractic Council and are therefore recognised by many insurance companies. However, e would always advise you check with you insurer prior to seeking care if you intend for them t fund your care with us.
Do I need a GP referral/external referral to come to Radcliffe Chiropractic?

You do not need a GP referral to book an appointment with us.