Client testimonials

Louise Fisher

I first came to the Radcliffe Chiropractic Clinic because I had severe neck pain and hand numbness and the NHS option at age 30 was being given a neck collar and strong painkillers by a consultant. The biggest benefit I have experienced from having chiropractic adjustments is that I am almost pain free, able to […]

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Christine Rose

I came to the Chiropractor after slipping a disc in my spine whilst lifting a heavy plant in the garden. This then trapped the nerves in my left leg. The biggest benefit from starting care is being free from the pain and having complete movement again! The most unexpected benefit that I have experienced in […]

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Josie Shereston

I was first motivated to visit the Radcliffe Chiropractic Clinic because I had broken my back falling off a horse, and 12 months later, it still didn’t feel right. The biggest benefit I have experienced was better mobility and hardly any pain in my back. The most unexpected benefit I have experienced are less tension […]

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Vicky Tyreman

I came to Radcliffe Chiropractic because I had been constant pain for around 4 years, not finding any relief from other treatments I had received. The benefits I have experienced are pain relief, being able to be more active and sleeping better. I also experienced increased energy and improvements in my mental health. My quality […]

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Kym Swan

I was first motivated to visit the Radcliffe Chiropractic Clinic due to a previous back injury I sustained at work. Since receiving chiropractic care, I have less back and hip pain. I feel much more mobile whilst out hill walking with my dogs, leaving me able to join in their adventures rather than watching from […]

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Felicity, aged 1 year


Coming here saved my sanity

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Male patient showing benefits of chiropractic


The benefits of chiropractic are endless

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Female patient showing benefits of chiropractic


I now enjoy more peace of mind

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Male and female patients showing benefits of chiropractic


More sleep means more energy and a better life!

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Female patient and child showing benefits of chiropractic

Imogen and Erin

Me and my young daughter have noticed a huge change

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