Patient testimonial


Jenny, chiropractic testimonial

Chiropractic care was a key addition to Jenny's lifestyle to help her long-term pain...

I have had intermittent neck and shoulder pain for about 25 years which initially started after a car accident but is aggravated by a mild scoliosis in my upper spine. I also have had intermittent lower back pain for the past 10 years which is most likely due to osteopaenia in my spine and having a sedentary job for most of my adult life.

Over the years I have seen physiotherapists to help the neck and shoulder pain but eventually it got worse in my mid’fifties. I took up Pilates and yoga which have helped considerably with both the lower back and neck and shoulders. In addition, about 3 years ago I starting having regular deep tissue massages and I took up a 20 minutes regime of exercises which I do on a regular basis which have both helped.

A few months ago I was discussing my pain problems with a friend from pilates and found that she has similar problems to mine and had been helped by Radcliffe Chiropractic Clinic. I decided to make enquiries and have been seeing Dr Katie Scorer. I have had 8 sessions of chiropractic, including acupuncture, and during this time my pain problems have significantly improved. I also had a massage during this time as the two therapies compliment each other well. I have become a member of the practice which includes on “top-up” chiropractic session a month. I now feel confident that I can manage my problems better than I have done so in the the past.